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REM-Dreamer mask

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Some time ago, people interested in taking control of their dreams used devices in form of mask helping in achieving lucid and vivid dreaming. They were NovaDreamer and DreamLight. These lucid dreaming electronic devices were created by famous dr Stephen LaBerge. Presently this kind of devices is no longer manufactured. They have beem replaced by another device called the REM-Dreamer, device manufactured in Europe. It was an improved and cheaper version of the NovaDreamer. REM-Dreamer team sold it all over the world and people were gaving enthusiastic reviews of this. Currently REM-Dreamer producting is discontinued, because manufacturing was replaced by much more improved device named the SmartLucider. This new electronic device has been created by the same software engineers and producers team, which was successful with the REM-Dreamer device. SmartLucider has lots of improvements and new functions. Weight and size were decreased very much. Dream mask covering almost whole face has been replaced by much more smaller pocket/headband. SmartLucider is much more comfortable to sleep with it on your face. REM phrase detecting was improved too very much. Setup of the device was simplified. Today, it is the best lucid dream device in the world. Also, the price of this device was lowered dreamatically. The REM-Dreamer cost 147 Eur and the NovaDreamer cost 275 USD. SmartLucider price is just 47 Euro. The device detects eye motion of REM sleep. When the device detects REM state, it sends special signal in the form of blinking lights and/or sound beeps. User can set all parameters of series of stimuli very easily by online internet webpage, which may be opened on tablet, smartphone, PC etc. The SmartLucider device communicates by special method with this website. These flashes can get into your dream reality and you will have dreams about flashing lights. These flashing lights and/or sounds inside your dream reality will remind you that you are dreaming during your night's dream. Thanks to that method you can find out that now dream lasts. When this occurs the user can do whatever he wants in his dream reality. User can meet love from high school, fly, teleport to Mars or anything like this.



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